Adriana, a native Colombian, is currently doing her MSc in Leadership and Development at King’s College London‘s African Leadership Centre. She obtained her BA in International Affairs and International Development and Political Science at the George Washington University in Washington DC. She worked in an NGO in DC empowering young leaders around the world through moral and innovative leadership programs focused on vision service and entrepreneurship, for sustainable peace. Most recently, she was a consultant for the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization and plans to continue her dream of contributing to the world’s development specially in Latin America.



Priscila is a student from Ecuador doing her MSc in Leadership and Development at King’s College London‘s African Leadership Centre.  She graduated with a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Notre Dame of Maryland University. She worked as Trade Officer representing Ecuador in India, and has experience in Public Relations and Communications. In Ecuador, she carried out a peace-building project benefiting Afro-Ecuadorian youth through community service and football, which inspired her career and research. By working towards becoming the first woman to be UN Secretary General, she hopes to continuously contribute to the development of the world.




Keuria is an MSc Student at the African Leadership Centre (ALC) at King’s College London. Her previous degree was from the University of Ottawa in Canada, in International Studies and Modern Languages. She has work experience in an NGO focusing on engaging, educating and empowering the youth (Imbuto Foundation), in addition to being a civil servant in Rwanda. Her interests revolve around development, good governance, security and peace building.



After few years spent in Canada, Karen became a student at King’s College London’s African Leadership Centre. She graduated with a BA in Political Science and Economics and with a postgraduate diploma from H.E.C Montréal. She has been involved in different projects and worked in different environments, from start-up to NGO. Very active, she is currently working on a data research project on refugees at the Calais refugee camp (France). Security, development and gender issues are her major interests.



Dominique is an MSc student at the African Leadership Centre (ALC) at King’s College London. She is also part of the ALC Leadership, Peace and Security Fellowship for African Scholars. Her previous degree focused on Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding. She has also had experience with social justice campaigns in South Africa and has worked extensively on gender based violence and sanitation issues within informal settlements across the Western Cape in South Africa.